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Ox 'N' Wood.
Sunday 17th March 2024

Testway Ultra.
April 6th 2024.
50 or 40 mile option.

Collingbourne Race.
May 11th 2024.
Half and 10km.


Salisbury Plain Summer Edition.June 8th 2024
50 Mile ultra, Marathon and half Marathon

Faccombe Backyard Ultra.
July 5th 2024.
Last one standing.

Pewsey Vale Ultra.
July 20th-21st 2024.

77 mile Ultra.

Andover Trail Marathon.
Sept 7th 2024.
Marathon and Half .
Includes Military cup.

Barrow and Downs.
Oct 12th 2024.
Marathon and Half.

Andover Half Marathon.
Oct 27th 2024.
Road Half Marathon.

Salisbury Plain Winter Edition.
Dec 7th 2024.
Marathon and Half.

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